Golden Age Yoga
L'Aura Reneau

Golden Age Yoga
I chose to call my offering of yoga "Golden Age Yoga" because I believe we are the bringers of the coming Golden Age of Humanity....This is the time.  In all the years we've been here there has never been a time such as this. In order to remain resilient and strong, focused and aware, as well as loving and kind, with a robust capacity for forgiveness, I find the practice of yoga accompanied by Loving Kindness meditation, also known as Metta or Maitri, to be most beneficial.  
This is the time.   In order to stay Uplifted and bring Light into our lives and the lives of others we truly flourish best with some form of 
We want to remain Healthy and Strong. You will find my practice of Golden Age Yoga an opening for the manifestation of these qualities bringing you into a state of resiliency and peacefulness. Please come join our Sangha, I will be so honored if you do ~  
Namaste, L'Aura  

I’m new to yoga, and very much enjoying L'Aura’s yoga classes via Zoom while cooped up at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m currently attending 4 classes per week; can’t wait for the next one. Thanks L'Aura for making this amazing home yoga experience possible!  
Glenn F., 63  
I have been practicing and teaching yoga for 50 years. I love going to L'Aura's class. She has great enthusiasm and wisdom about yoga. She is always studying, learning, and passing on helpful information about anatomy and bio-mechanics. The thing I like most is that she's very precise and detailed in her instructions. It allows me to fine-tune each pose for the maximum benefit. She is perhaps the most precise teacher that I've ever experienced. I imagine this is beneficial for most students, and particularly for seniors who are looking to optimize their experience in the class.  
G. Khalsa, 71  
I have been practicing yoga off and on for decades and have had many teachers along the way. In L'Aura I have finally found a practitioner who not only has the knowledge of how your muscles, fascia and skeletal frame move through the poses but can also expertly and continually guide me through the asanas so that I’m properly aligned and maximizing the benefits.  I work in construction and need to maintain flexibility and strength. Combined with breath work, meditation, and positive affirmations, I love these classes with L'Aura. Thank you L’Aura. 
Tiffany R., 71 
I am so happy that I started Golden Age Yoga. For decades I was really into weight lifting and body sculpting. Now that I am chronologically advanced (74) I felt that I was losing my flexibility. I thought Yoga - nah, too easy. Boy was I wrong. This Golden Age Yoga is proving to be something that I needed. Also I am feeling stronger in a different way and my flexibility is coming back. 
Randy M., 74  
I am so grateful and do often recommend L'Aura’s classes to others. I love them and attend whenever my schedule allows. I’m doing so much physical work, I knew I needed a yoga practice or I was going to find myself in pain, and has it been a blessing! Fun and no pain at all! Thanks L'Aura for applying your knowledge in this way. It’s awesome and greatly appreciated!   
Carla Y.  
I have had the privilege of having L'Aura as my yoga teacher most of the last decade. Having participated in both class sessions and private lessons, I can testify to her remarkable skill in imparting the benefits of yoga to her students. She is particularly sensitive to the needs of those who, like myself, are in their "golden years" and also have physical disabilities. L'Aura leads her classes both verbally and by example. And she does so with both care and compassion. I unreservedly recommend L'Aura to people of all ages and I am confident that all will be both gratified and delighted.             
 Alan F., 71             
I have been practicing yoga for almost three decades....
At 70 years of age, I am more than happy to say, my practice has given me so much and in so many ways. Strength, stamina, flexibility and resiliency are all mine to enjoy and I welcome you to join me in experiencing the ancient gift of Yoga.  I am inspired to encourage and support all who are inclined, especially "seniors", those of "the Golden Age", to move, strengthen and increase mobility and flexibility in a safe and nurturing way as well as to enjoy with me, the transformative power of incorporating yoga into your own life, where you will enjoy a deeper relationship with breath, self-forgiveness, and gratitude for each moment as well as a conscious approach to living a life you love, on and off the mat.

Now Offering Golden Age Yoga ONLINE   Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays at 11 am and Thursdays at 10 am (all times PDT)  
Yoga "Nidra Nights" ~ Tuesday eve's at 7 pm
Reduce your carbon footprint! Practice from the comfort of your home ~ even in your pajamas!  

Golden Age Yoga for Seniors
 Why is Golden Age Yoga  especially beneficial for Seniors you might ask....  and I'm more than happy to provide you with the best answer I know! 
And that answer is, because it works! 
My approach to the practice of Yoga is drawn from my own experience, first as a 70+ year old practitioner as well as a teacher, and includes years of study with some very excellent Yogis. 
I live in my own laboratory ~ my body teaches me. 
In this life I haven't been without injury. The first injury of great consequence occurred when I was around the age of 12 years. I was swinging on the tire swing hung from an overhanging tree on a very steep decline in the driveway of my piano teacher's home in the Oakland hills, awaiting my mother, when the rope holding the tire, as well as me, broke - and I fell to the hard asphalt below, exactly on my right hip. It didn't seem too extraordinary of a fall, however as time progressed I began to notice a clicking type of painful catch in  my right hip joint whenever I took a step. This lasted numerous months and was never treated.  
Years passed. I danced a lot, enjoying ballet lessons which had begun at age 3 and continued long into my late twenties as well as rigorous Modern Dance classes. I was adventurous. I  enjoyed life. I gave birth.  Then one day, I stood up after having been seated for many hours, the blood draining quickly from my head, and as I approached the steep stairwell leading downstairs, I blacked-out and lost consciousness briefly, but long enough to topple down the stairs head first and on my back. I landed at the bottom of the long, steep stairs and got right up, but my neck and back have never been completely the same since then. I was 23 years old. 
Needless to say, I've had my share of pain. The pain at times has been severe. When I was in my mid-50's I had both my hips replaced. The right hip, actually the head of my femur, was extremely calcified, possibly as a result of that fall at 12. The muscles, tendons and ligaments shortened surrounding the damaged bony material. Range of motion was lessened. 
I also have a loss of disc space between the vertebrae throughout my spine, probably a genetic result coupled with the stairwell fall I mentioned.  
There have been times when this has caused pain and varying degrees of immobility. 
I tell you this bit about myself to emphasis that I'm not unlike the rest of humanity, experiencing varying degrees of physical mishaps throughout a rather long life. And these experiences and their resulting impact on my body are exactly what have motivated me to practice yoga and develop an approach that integrates the understanding of an aging body with the purpose of attaining strength, flexibility and mobility throughout all the years of my life....and your life too! 
This has become my passion, because I absolutely know that without my practice of yoga I would need to rely on some form of pain management and ongoing doctors visits to keep me going, and that, for me, is not an option I enjoy considering.  
I know that pain killers have extraordinary side effects that can become serious issues of their own and most often lead to more medication to manage those effects, and on and on and on it goes... 
So I practice yoga paying great attention to alignment in my practice as well as my method of teaching, always listening to the voice of my own body as she speaks her wisdom to me. 
I have had the great good fortune and the benefit of studying with wonderful teachers whose focus has been on breath, principles of alignment, safety in practice, and a therapeutic awareness and skill set, and they have taught me more than my words can express. 
Yet my ongoing practice continues to fascinate and inform me with more depth every time I step onto my mat, liberating me into greater freedom of movement with the passage of time. And it is this continually unfolding and deepening  knowledge and awareness that my own aging body expresses as I continue to build more strength and mobility, rather than a diminishment of these, that has created my passion for the practice of Yoga. 
It is because of these wonderful experiences of healthy aging that 
I want to share this with other seniors, 
or as I prefer to call us, those of the Golden Age! 
Namaste, L'Aura
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The body is our Temple, each asana an opportunity as well as an offering.

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